Friday, June 16, 2017

The Rock Otaku’s June 2017 Plans and Announcements.

Hello degenerates, heathens, weirdos, and deviants.  I am the Rock Otaku, and I’m here to show you worlds such as hard rock, metal, punk, alternative rock, movies, TV, anime, video games, and anything that makes us scream, shout, and let it out.

As for this entry, this is to tell you what’s in store for June 2017.  If you’re wondering what things are like, here’s a Brief Summary.  A lot happened last May, but at the same time, I feel like branching out into other realms.  Not just in this blog.  There are many aspects about me that work in prose and written speech, but there are others where experimenting with other styles is necessary for my evolution.  But beyond that, I got two more LTEM entries that help with issues that I’ve been having while also putting the Billboard stuff into overdrive.  Also, I broke 50 entries on Blogger, so that’s a plus.  For that, I expect to have LTEMs be a special occasion kind of thing from now on.  If the time demands one in my mind, I will have one out.  Other than that, I’m considering how that’ll affect the schedule, so expect a lot more time between entries.  In spite of this, I do not plan on ending the blogs in the next month.  Instead, I plan on changing how I do things, such as taking advantage of YouTube until it becomes a corporate entity.

Speaking of YouTube, I have plans on expanding into that.  For Tumbler, I am practically linking my blog series to there, but YouTube will be a different entity.  For that, I plan on a Vlog series that may include me discussing various rock, metal, alternative, movie, TV, comic, anime, game, and even political news and dissecting it while also having a recommendation of the week.  That way, I can start showcasing random albums and songs I’ve been listening to, but I don’t feel deserve a written entry yet.  But I also know about corporate bullcrap, so I may also set up VidMe and DailyMotion accounts for them while also asking you all to subscribe (and/or create YouTube accounts of your own) to my account so you can see them.

Oh, and the Billboard stuff is definitely a weekly thing for now.

Now for the goals.  If you desire a DeviantArt pages of yours truly, here are the metrics:
  • DeviantArt: 120 views of a single entry
  • Patreon: Whenever I feel that ad revenue isn’t going anywhere and I need to ensure that I’m able to create some new projects, may them be written or made for visual pleasure.
  • Any other social media site of choice: 150 views of a single entry.

Yes, I am planning on getting those YouTube, VidMe, and Dailymotion accounts started and ready to go by next week.

And for the rest, 100 views of a single entry leading to me to start taking requests and suggestions for my work, but considering how impatient I’ve gotten, you have that ability to send requests immediately.  I can also take suggestions if they do allow for greater quality of my work.  150 will lead to the start of the first Q&A, where I’ll, based on your questions, reveal my deepest, darkest secrets.  200 views will lead to the first ever special entry of Let Them Eat Metal: Let Them Eat Metal by The Rods, the album whose name inspired the title of my main heavy metal and hard rock series (when I’m not talking about rock and metal making the Billboard chart).  300 views will lead to a review of the movie 300 and/or it’s sequel/prequel/interquel 300: Rise of an Empire because why the hell not?  400 views will lead to a LTEM for Metallica’s Master of Puppets.  And for 500 views, I’ll do a multipart LTEM reviewing every Judas Priest album in a multipart mini-series (which might lead to LTEM being a weekly series for a brief time) as a tribute to my first post of this series here:  A part of this will be a re-review of Screaming for Vengeance with my evolving style depending on a poll beforehand.  For an Iron Maiden, Accept, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Savatage, Van Halen, or even Metallica min-series, that will be decided on various factors such as how well it does.  And for every final/most recent album, I’ll come up with, as I’ve done for Band-Maid, ideas on how the band’s should go forward or how any aspiring bands or artists should take elements in music and image from the band being discussed, depending on if the band isn’t as legendary as they should be.  Overall, things should be fun this month, and they rely on you as they do on me.

As for my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, check them both out for updates, news, interesting facts, and other fun stuff.  Be sure to like and follow them respectively.  Here are the links if you’re interested:

This is the Rock Otaku, Live Loud and Play Hard.

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