Friday, January 20, 2017


Hey, this is the Rock Otaku with an announcement that will be informative, enticing, explanatory, and a little disappointing.  Starting with the last entry, LET THEM EAT METAL will be a bi-weekly series.  What that means is that the next entry will be released not next Friday, but the one after that, and then they’ll be released every two weeks onward.  There are three reasons for me to do this:

1.            While I had very few issues in December of last year when it came to getting these out, with new series planned, other issues that happened at the start of the year, and other things involving other posts (as in getting my Billboard Rock Chart watch on stable ground) going haywire, I felt a lot more strain with the new entries.  As a result, the last three entries were exhausting, and I felt that a few of them weren’t up to snuff with what I would like my standards to be.  I have gotten some good word from people, but I believe I can do better, so I’m giving myself more time to do things with this series.  Hopefully, the entries end up bigger, better, funnier, and more in line with what I can consider the right mix of informative, inspiring, and entertaining to read.

2.            I have considered doing other subjects with this blog, and I feel that it not just broadens my horizons, but it allows for more people to get a glimpse at what I know about, am interested in, and can show my appreciation of, including film, TV, books, anime, comics, manga, video games, and so on.  For now, I have a catch-all Top 10 series planned for next Friday, so don’t let the changes to my schedule cause you alarm.  They might allow for some new and exciting territory to explore.

3.            My initial goal of reviewing some of the most iconic albums in heavy metal has been reached, and I feel that there is more to heavy metal outside of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, and Motorhead.  There’s a lot more to metal than those 5 bands, but I had to get some basis in the standards before expanding what the genre is capable of.  Yes, there are other “standard” bands in heavy metal, but I also want to have the freedom of talking about other bands, other styles, and even other mentalities, lyrical focuses, and nationalities represented in metal.

Overall, don’t expect any LET THEM EAT METAL to come out January 27, 2017, but don’t worry, the show isn’t cancelled.  It’s being refocused.  I might return to a weekly basis, but I’ll stick to bi-weekly for the time being.  But if you feel that I’m not allowing myself to dive into more metal, then you should know that I am planning on the top 10s to do that as well.

But if there’s a current plan for the next entry and my pattern for the series onward, here’s an idea.  After Van Halen’s debut, I am considering a more obscure band by today’s standards, but one that may have been a contender when it came out, then I’ll do another more notable band before going underground again.  That will repeat onwards, allowing for a sense of unpredictability by genre or by nationality.  I might consider a notable band in a scene or national movement and make that the “known” band, even if you may not know them.  There will be a focus on education as there is on entertainment.  But we’ll wait until we get to that moment.

As for what I’ll do with the new format, and the amount of spare time I’ll have, expect at least one new ongoing series, some extra content, and a greater focus on quality material on all fronts.  That may not be continuous, but I’ll try hard to make sure that the material is fast, furious, and funny.  But like Yoda said, “Do or Do Not.  There is no try.”  And I’ll keep that in mind when ensuring successful content.

With that in mind, I have a fun announcement to make.  I’ll make content that will reflect the month it is released in.  To get started for February, the entries will have the theme of “Real Rockers Wear Pink” or RRWP.  What that means is that there will be a slightly more feminine, more romantic focus when discussing the rock scene, genre media, and so on.  Expect material that will involves themes like love, affection, pleasure, and so on.  This will continue onwards into March and April, which will have Irish/Celtic and Christian themes respectively.  The former having the theme of “Celtic Rocks” and the latter as “Rock in the Name of the Lord.”  But unlike February, March and April are not planned out to be themed yet.  But don’t you worry, things will still be metal here.

I’ll update to you through anything on Twitter or my blog page where I make announcements.  You can follow me on Twitter at @RockOtaku92 for info.  I’ll also create a Facebook page for announcements as well that should be online by the end of February at the latest.

Until Next Time we Rock, This is the Rock Otaku.  Live Loud and Play Hard.

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