Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Series Coming Soon: The Rock Otaku’s Crazy Idears

Hello degenerates, heathens, weirdos, and deviants.  I am the Rock Otaku, and I’m here to show you worlds such as hard rock, metal, punk, alternative rock, movies, TV, anime, video games, and anything that makes us scream, shout, and use our imaginations.

Hey, I got an idear.  I should record several of my idears and see if my small-as-crap fanbase (in comparison with the global population of the world), despite its global reach, all think that they are good idears.

So to do this, I am creating ANOTHER new series that thankfully won’t have a set schedule, only getting new entries when I feel like it.  That’s the key: when I feel like it.  While some may accuse me of being predictable, despite repetition until perfection is a desired ability to have, I tend to prefer being out of the blue and slightly more unpredictable, keeping you on your toes.  As a result, expect a lot of very, very weird entries that will come out and make you think “Wha?” while, hopefully, making you think, “Holy crap, that’s a great idea!”

For my first entry, when I feel like it and make it sound interesting, I will discuss something that’s dear to my heart while nagging at me, as if I need to do something about it.  It will come out hopefully next week and knock your socks off.  Hell, it might come sooner.

As for the way I’m saying “idear,” if you’ve been following comedy musician and theme park reviewer Tony Goldmark’s twitter, he’s been having some really crazy ones that might have inspired this series.

Anyway, This is the Rock Otaku.  Live Loud, Play Hard, yada yada yada.

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