Monday, March 6, 2017

The Rock Otaku’s March 2017 Plans and Announcements.

Hello degenerates, heathens, weirdos, and deviants.  I am the Rock Otaku, and I’m here to show you worlds such as hard rock, metal, punk, alternative rock, movies, TV, anime, video games, and anything that makes us scream, shout, and let it out.

As for this entry, this is to tell you what’s in store for March 2017.  If you’re wondering what things are like, here’s a Brief Summary.  Let Them Eat Metal got two more entries in February (and one before this look into what I planned), with them both providing some new ideas in how I do things in the series, from other genres that I look at and how I do the entries.  For example, it isn’t just heavy metal, speed metal, progressive metal, and power metal for my series.  I can review hard rock, glam metal, and modern rock/metal, and that there is a chance that thrash metal, death metal, and black metal can be reviewed in the near future.  That and the format isn’t restricted to track-by-track reviews.  I can do a more traditional album review focusing on the entire package, comparing multiple albums, and even analyzing how various elements of music, from genres, styles, movements, and even where the band is from.  Overall, expect more changes to the series.  That and Metallica and Aerosmith will get entries this month.

As for everything else, I did not do enough with the Billboard Chart Watch.  That was due to how I did things with both sets: the Rock charts and the Japan Hot 100.  For the former, I feel that, due to how it’s the easier of the two charts to analyze and write snarky jokes about due to my interests, tastes, and first language, I did not do enough with that entry.  The latter, as I’ve mentioned, was much harder to do based on the fact that A) Japan is more selective of the songs from there (western hits are easier to talk about), B) the current language barrier despite having some knowledge of the Japanese language in how it’s spoken, and C) the usual amount of new hits.  I might set it so that there’d be more of the rock chart analysis, with a certain amount of weeks set to include analysis of current pop trends in Japan (I hope to do more of that), and I hope to make it a weekly thing, as the series would be a lot more fun on a weekly basis.  Plus, I do have plans on revisiting weeks that I completely missed, and providing my thoughts on the “newcomers” of that week.  In short, expect a lot of funny moments there.

Now for my countdowns, I do plan on keeping it a bi-weekly thing, but I do have some cool plans for the next two, and I’ll make sure that they do exist.  For the first one, I’ll bring up some ideas on what should replace the Aerosmith theme for Rock N’ Roller Coaster in Disney World.  It may hurt me as much as it hurts you, but I’ll go into depth on why this should be considered.  The next will be, interestingly enough, the ten styles of rock, and a few others, that got me into rock and metal and shaped my musical tastes for better or worse.  Expect a lot of humiliation, embarrassment, and ear-opening from yours truly, enough to probably cause enough closed-minded morons to unsub or unfollow me, or even lose faith in my judgement.

But enough with the focus on the past and the ideas for the future.  Time to discuss a big deal.  I have a Facebook page.  It’s right here:  And that was because I completed one goal I have in readership of a single entry from last month: 40 views and I’ll make a Facebook page for the series.  And this was thanks to a review of The Princess Bride (which I decided to close the month for), and that got at least 40 views in less than a week.  And that’s both a great thing as it proves that either I have a strong sense of cinematic language or that I’m not focusing on the right topics.  Regardless, I do have a much stronger shot of connecting to a wider audience, creating a much more well-defined persona for myself on the internet, engaging with old and new fans alike in a much better way than what I was doing, and so on.  In short, I can provide a much stronger presence and reach to you all with these.

As for other stuff, like other reviews, reactions, responses, and even snarky comments about a major event in recent memory, may it be from society, the media, or even in other fields of study and work, that is more up in the air and based on A) if I feel like it, B) if I can provide a unique perspective on it, C) if it’s something I feel strongly about or can make a funny observation about, or D) if I’ve seen, heard, or read about it for myself.  Though there is also a strong sense that I’ll probably check out Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast (the remake, and hopefully the last American one), Power Rangers, Ghost In The Shell, or any other films coming out in theaters (hopefully) and give my thoughts on each and every one of those films (I need to be around more devoted cinephiles for my movie reviews to be recent, have strong traction, and good talks about them).  And plus I’m interested in reviewing an anime at some point (feel free to help me pick out an inaugural anime to review).  Finally, thanks to recent news, expect a lot of jokes at the expense of Bill Condon throughout the month.  Or in favor, depending on the joke and whether that Beauty and the Beast remake is any good.  Heck, there are probably going to pop up when I review the Metallica album I decided on: Ride the Lightning.

Now for the goals.  If you desire Tumbler, Instagram, YouTube, and possibly DeviantArt pages of yours truly, here are the metrics:
  • Tumblr: 80 views of a single entry
  • Instagram: 60 views of a single entry
  • YouTube: 100 views of a single entry
  • DeviantArt: 120 views of a single entry
  • Patreon: Whenever I feel that ad revenue isn’t going anywhere and I need to ensure that I’m able to create some new projects, may them be written or made for visual pleasure.
  • Any other social media site of choice: 150 views of a single entry.

Getting ads for this is still based on the metric of 50 views for a single entry, and after I’ll set up ads, I’ll start sending to you links to entries that I feel need love while bringing back some of my pre-Let Them Eat Metal entries on Channel Awesome, with a link to those here:  And for the rest, 100 views of a single entry leading to me to start taking requests and suggestions for my work.  150 will lead to the start of the first Q&A, where I’ll, based on your questions, reveal my deepest, darkest secrets.  200 views will lead to the first ever special entry of Let Them Eat Metal: Let Them Eat Metal by The Rods, the album whose name inspired the title of my main heavy metal and hard rock series (when I’m not talking about rock and metal making the Billboard chart).  300 views will lead to a review of the movie 300 and/or it’s sequel/prequel/inter-quel 300: Rise of an Empire (Since both came out in March and these are my plans for March).  400 views will lead to a LTEM for Metallica’s Master of Puppets.  And for 500 views, I’ll do a multipart LTEM reviewing every Judas Priest album in a multipart mini-series (which might lead to LTEM being a weekly series for a brief time) as a tribute to my first post of this series here:  A part of this will be a re-review of Screaming for Vengeance with my evolving style depending on a poll beforehand.  For an Iron Maiden, Accept, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Savatage, Van Halen, or even Metallica min-series, that will be decided on various factors such as how well it does.  And for every final/most recent album, I’ll come up with, as I’ve done for Band-Maid, ideas on how the band’s should go forward or how any aspiring bands or artists should take elements in music and image from the band being discussed.  Overall, things should be fun this month, and they rely on you as they do on me.

As for my Facebook and Twitter, check them both out for updates, news, interesting facts, and other fun stuff.  Be sure to like and follow them respectively.  Here are the links if you’re interested:

This is the Rock Otaku, Live Loud and Play Hard.

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