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Countdowns with The Rock Otaku 08: Top 13 Twilight Zone Theme Change Ideas for Florida’s Tower of Terror (Yeah, we’re going there).

For those who are wondering, this is a continuation of a previous entry I did.  Here’s the link if you’re interested:  Currently, this was my most viewed entry at the time this came out, so there’s some incentive for this kind of writing.

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As some of you may have noticed, I tend to have that opening slogan in my blogs when I do something big or based on a series, but I seem to only discuss the first two (and three after that when the opportunity arises) in my blog overall.  As for the others, they end up serving as times to make references or jokes in my main series.  And this is the main reason why I am now going to try to fit in more anime reviews, news, and countdowns into my blog.

You know what, I’ll use the extra week I’ve added to my time to make my LET THEM EAT METAL series bi-weekly to create a series of countdowns.  And they don’t have to be just about anime.  I can use this to mention movies, TV shows, episodes of shows, news, games, and even other musical artists I want to talk about but aren’t able to usually thanks to my current load.  But I’ve set my mind to theme parks this week.

For those that are wondering what’s going on in the wide, wide world of sports, there seems to be something going on at the railroad.  Apparently the supervisors started dancing around the non-white workers, and there’s a quicksand pit in the railroad path.  So the track has to go through Rock Ridge, and the value of that land will likely end up being worth millions.  That and a random haunted hotel in Hollywood, California was purchased by a Benicio Del Toro-looking alien and got the Ghostbusters treatment before being converted into a warehouse for various alien creatures that he has ownership of (or somehow stole and captured).  Included are a human that looks like the guy from Parks and Recreation, a greyish blue-skinned alien who’s built like Dave Baustita, a green-skinned alien resembling and sounding like Zoe Saldana, a talking raccoon, and an alien tree creature.  And somehow the people of California are angry about the change in ownership.

So yeah, Disney California Adventure has made plans for, and will premier next week, a retheme of their take on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!  And while hardcore California Disney fans are angry and feel that it doesn’t mesh with the rest of the park (and to a certain degree, it does, though I think that Hollywoodland there is being turned into a Marvel-themed land anyway), there is a proponent of fans, including Some Jerk with a Camera and even myself, that feels that this is fine.  Why?  I’m not sure where it came from, but Walt Disney has gone on record that Disneyland will never be finished, and that it will always change to reflect the desires and dreams of the young and young at heart.  And this does feel like a continuation of that philosophy, even if I feel sympathy for fans of the original ride, even if it’s a low-budget version of the masterpiece that is in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

For the ride itself, the theme of the Disney World classic thrill ride (and the former Disney California Adventure hit) is that of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, an old, 199 ft. tall hotel that was once a major place to stay in Hollywood, representing the star power, glory, and ego of the city.  And then a lighting strike during a stormy night in 1939 caused the outside elevator shafts to suddenly phase out of reality and causing 5 people inside to disappear from reality altogether.  And now it’s a ramshackle, abandoned, looming structure that represents how things can suddenly go wrong and the appeal of something can fad away in a flash.  And now we’re there in our own episode of The Twilight Zone, which is owned neither by Disney and MGM (who had a license to have their name and characters in the original park alongside Lucasfilm apparently), and it involves haunted elevators.  Yes, the story itself feels like how Disney would do a drop ride, combining it with a haunted house aesthetic, but it doesn’t really gel with the license.  When you think Twilight Zone, you think dark, twisted, suspenseful, and, most importantly, intelligent stories told by Rod Serling, with focus on the cerebral.  So how does that correlate with a runaway elevator, anyway?  It sounds like one of the dumber episodes.  So in the case of the California change, it makes sense from a storytelling and license-using perspective to change it to something with a sense of humor.

However, for the Florida version, its history is tied with the park it’s in, so a re-theme would not make any sense in any way, shape, or form.  But I can think of ways to do so.  To do that, I thought of at least 13 re-theme ideas for the change.  And before we start, let me point out that this is my list, and that it might differ from yours, so don’t complain if I forgot a property or idea.  Explain how much of a great idea it is, instead.  Okay then, here we go:

13.       Guardians of the Galaxy
Hear me out, this would ultimately lead to a Floridian, more advanced version of Mission Breakout in Anaheim.  But that be an issue and the horizontal movements in the California ride is less about atmosphere and more about practicality and capacity.  And based on the plot of the new ride, it wouldn’t make any sense for a re-theme.  That and there are rumors for a GOTG ride in Epcot going around, and these fit the franchise better than Hollywood Studios.  But if there’s a way to convert the tower into the Collector’s special warehouse in Florida, then the Imagineers would have one.  But they’d have to wait until Star Wars Land comes out or is close to completion.  In short, this is at the bottom because this makes a lot of sense, but I feel that it’d be really wrong for now.

12.       The Music of Aerosmith (or any other 70s/80s hard rock band)
Speaking of wrong, this would actually make sense in the new theme park trend of themed areas, one that Disney’s taking a part of with James Cameron’s Avatar in Animal Kingdom.  Why?  The section it’s in is called Sunset Boulevard, which, despite the retro-Hollywood atmosphere of the park, is notorious for the hard rock/heavy metal scene in the 80s, and this is a way to pay tribute to that, specifically the band they ultimately chose: Aerosmith.   And with this, you can keep the haunted hotel story of the original ride, but make the concept be the work of evil rather than something cerebral.  That and have the theme be that Aerosmith or some other hard rock band (may it be classic or modern) trying to get some new song ideas from the hotel, but then it turns into the classic ride, with the 5th Dimension scene being turned into Hell, and the result of the brief trip would be the Elevator going wild to music from the band or their influences, including, of course, “Love in an Elevator.”  That and the ending being the band, either due to their experience, the riders’, or the use of illicit substances, suddenly writing a song that’s about 5 people entering an elevator and ultimately a nightmare, and the same moment can happen to you.  It sounds weird, but it just might work, considering what it’s next to.  And it could lead to a short renovation time with the right effort and attention to detail. 

11.       Star vs. The Forces of Evil
And now for the fun stuff.  For this Franchise, this is one where, due to the bizarre premise, anything is possible.  Ranging from magical princesses with wands to interdimensional travel, you can do anything with this series for a drop ride.  Including having Ludo use his wand to turn a random old hotel into his own torture palace, and Star and Marco trying to rescue a group of tourists from his twisted plans.  That and having Star somehow make things worse for the guests.  While I can easily see the Imagineers come up with something better and more thorough, I’d think that this re-theme would work well and allow for more exposure to this cool show.

10.       Soul Eater
Let’s get down to it, something like this could be possible in the universe of the manga.  I mean, the whole concept of the original ride could be altered to have dark figures and the undead make things dangerous for the riders.  As a result, the ride is actually an attempt for the students at Death City trying to recruit temporary meisters and weapons or just random muggles to help them claim each and every darkened soul, with Maka competing with Black Star to have Soul Eater claim every soul over Tsubaki.  And Death the Kid is the one to make sure everyone is doing their jobs while still succumbing to his OCD mentality throughout.  And the elevator drop shaft moments, plus the horizontal trip through a realm of darkness, are the work of Medusa, thus making Crona a part of the cast due to his/her popularity with the fanbase, and moments where Death, Spirit Albarn/The Death Sythe, and Dr. Stein playing major roles.  Overall, this would be a fun, dark, humorous, and engaging ride where you’re on the edge of your seat, and alongside going up and down an elevator shaft, you’re witnessing the more badass moments of the meisters themselves in their battle with Medusa.  Plus bring in some more witches and that werewolf from the series into major moments as well.

9.         Darkwing Duck
And now here’s something that’d really kick tail feathers.  When you get down to it, Darkwing Duck is among the most acclaimed of the Disney Afternoon shows, and is the one where I feel that a ride based on darker magic is possible.  I mean, Darkwing’s girlfriend/wife is a goth duck woman, for talking out loud.  And plus, you can easily make Nega Duck the central antagonist, with the 5th Dimension becoming the Negaverse, and the drop shaft sequence being the battle between Darkwing and Nega.  And you can have several villains from the series as well entering the fight or making cameos.  If there is an issue with this idea, it’s how to bring in Gosalyn, Drake’s adopted daughter.  I mean is that either you have to cut her out, and lose a lot of Drake/Darkwing’s motivations to rescue the riders from Nega Duck, and a majority of what makes him appealing.  That and her voice actor, Christine Cavanaugh, passed away a while back, and while she can be recast, there’s going to be a backlash of some size depending on who is cast as her (and I feel Candi Milo, Kath Soucie, Laura Bailey, and Cree Summer could be good replacements).  That and there’d be jokes aimed at how the characters are fighting over “naked apes” if they don’t explain how humans can interact with the Duck-verse (which includes Ducktales, as well).  Even then, I feel that this would be a great re-theme, but not the best re-theme idea taken from the Disney Afternoon.

8.         Kim Possible
What’s the sitch?  Well, this might actually work and lead to a very fun, completely awesome ride.  The main reason is that there are so many ways for the franchise to correlate to an elevator drop ride, such as the superspy themes as well as the colorful cast of villains.  The main story would involve Kim and Ron trying to stop either Dr. Drakken or Professor Dementor, who have turned an old hotel into a lair for their villainy (as well as showing their ego to the other, depending on who’s the villain), from enacting their evil plans.  And for the famous 5th Dimension scene, there’s also a way to put a lampshade on the ride system, with the elevators actually being generic lifts (with one designed to travel faster, which could make for some great snark from Kim and Shego), and the ride vehicles being self-moving cars that take riders between shafts (which could also lead to more great snark from Kim, Shego, and even Ron), and the ride ultimately being an elevator drop ride.  Plus, there are ways to bring Wade in, having him explaining the ride’s setting like in the original attraction.  As a result, we would get a very fast, very funny, very action-packed ride with a theme that’s beloved by many Disney fans everywhere, and a way to capture the nostalgia from fans for this awesome series.

7.         Fullmetal Alchemist
If my FMA idea is done for Rock N’ Roller Coaster, and Disney wants to collab with Aniplex for a recreation of Amestris, then making this based on the darker sides of Alchemy in the series would be a good idea.  What I mean is that you can play with the villains of the series, the Homunculi, and their motives while also creating an experience where you’re put in a situation where you could die (though not since this is a theme park ride, so you’re safe).  The story could involve them finding a way and capturing a few alchemists to create a Philosophers’ Stone for them such as Ed, Al, Roy, and others, and you’re roles are to serve as the substances for the Stones’ creation.  And yes, the reason for them to make the Stones would involve Father in some way.  And for the elevator stuff, they can be powered by steam and other forms of technology ala the cars, phones, and trains in the series, and they can also serve as alchemic pathways between the real world and the Doorway, with human transmutation used to send riders between the shafts through the place where the Truth lies.  Then you have your drop sequences and you return to the real world, bodies intact since our heroes saved the day.  And we can get an ending part where Roy exclaims his platform as Ruler of Amestris where female officers wear tiny miniskirts.  Would be as great as the series?  Probably not, but still as fun.

6.         Gravity Falls
I put this low for the other ride, but this one DEFINITELY WORKS for Tower of Terror.  What I mean is that the series involves Dipper and Mabel with their “Grunkle” Stan investigating the paranormal.  And as a replacement for The Twilight Zone, this is almost perfect as both series have bizarre logic running in their realities.  For this scenario, the hotel could play the same role it did in the original ride, but placed in the titular town and being originally a showcase of the Northwest family’s massive wealth, but then a mysterious entity (probably one created for the attraction) starts haunting it, originally taking 5 guests at the hotel to his realm.  And for the ride itself, the queue could be a tour hosted by Grunkle Stan with Soos and Wendy serving as assistants (while Mabel and Dipper investigate the mystery), and then you board elevators to the upper portions of the hotel, which are the most haunted.  It is there we get to the horizontal movement section, with the entity that haunts the premises causing the elevator car to move in directions originally deemed impossible.  And we get to the other shaft, where the ride’s drop sequences begin, and we end up being saved by the Pines twins, who’s quick thinking banishes the being to its realm and removes the haunted aspects from the hotel, but use a lift to take riders to the nearest elevator doors to get them out.  Overall, you’d get an amazing ride based on a great show.

5.         Doctor Strange
If there’s a Marvel property that I’m sure that Universal doesn’t have dibs on for theme parks that fits the Haunted Hotel aesthetic, then the tales of the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe is what I’d pick.  Why?  Because with the concepts of magic, illusion, and interdimensional travel, the Marvel franchise serves as a great way to showcase the wonders of the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj while also being a thrilling ride.  For this, you could easily make the Hollywood Tower Hotel the Hollywood Sanctum, which is in complete disarray and filled with dark magic and dark magic users.  Due to this, most sorcerers (and even other heroes) don’t dare to venture into the tower, but then a tour is developed to showcase its history, causing the dark forces within to be unleashed.  And now the ride itself is, while using the elevator setup, a race against time for Dr. Stephen Strange and possibly Wong to enter the tower, save the riders from the Dark Dimension, which serves as the replacement for the 5th Dimension here, and the wrath of Dormammu.  And due to the concept, the ride’s drop sequences include various special effects as well as an encounter with the ruler of the Dark Dimension himself in the drop shaft.  And yes, for the ending, I’d recommend to put in a line from Strange mentioning how it’s not a good idea of getting the warnings for something AFTER it happens, which gets Wong laughing like in the movie.

4.         BlazBlue (specifically Remix Heart)
For Rock N’ Roller Coaster, this was my number 1 for a re-theme, but this does allow for some great ideas.  But I’ve forgot to mention the most likely area the Imagineers will take from when doing BlazBlue-themed rides in their parks: Remix Heart.  Why?  Because, if I’m right, it’s the only supplemental material to the main game series that got localized, and it features a large chunk of the games’ cast, as well as characters from there that’d show up later in the games.  What that’d mean is that, if Rock N’ Roller Coaster was part of this, the Tower of Terror would be re-set into a new land based on the 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune, where the Military Academy of the N.O.L. is located, and our adventures are led by “Team Remix” (Mai Natsume, Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, and Kajun Faycott), with occasional help from (for the sake of familiarity with casual fans) Jin, Hazama (when he’s not in Terumi mode), Rachel, Carl, Kagura, and even Ragna at points (though I’d argue to make the series’ protagonist a major character in the area and it’s attractions). 

For the Tower of Terror, I’d have one basic idea: Relius Clover’s Tower of Terror, where riders enter to be a part of an experiment by the Mad Puppeteer involving elevators and speed (to maintain the classic ride system).  And the roles for Mai and her friends would be to investigate the circumstances of the tower (which is a Hollywood hotel that was built to represent the power of the town in culture that Relius may have intentionally made haunted to find a way into the Boundary WAY before the events surrounding the ride itself) with Ragna and the Colonel’s son Carl in tow (for levity due to how the former reacts to ghosts), but then try to prevent the riders from being a part of Relius’ grand experiment of entering the Boundary before killing them with gravity’s assistance.  But then a twist happens as either Terumi or Izanami takes over the tower and (after Relius is convinced by the girls and a scared-silly SS-class criminal in the future, plus his son, that the Boundary trip was enough) tries to kill not just our heroes, but us in the tower, leading to one of multiple possible drop profiles that even include, depending on the chosen antagonist, moments where the elevator you’re in is confronted and you escape.  The ending, of course, will be (for a page on TVTropes’ Crowning Moment of Funny page for BlazBlue) Terumi being crushed by the elevator you’re in and flattened like a pancake after Kokonoe (through a distress call from Kajun) warps Celica near where the snake is, crippling him and leading to a humiliating defeat as the other two antagonists (Relius and Izanami) are beaten down by our heroes (with Ragna and Jin coming in to spare the being possessing their little sister for another day), with a one of Team Remix (which is randomized) saying a quirky line before riders depart for the rest of their day.  What you ultimately get is a thrilling, intense, high-octane, and terrifying ride that’s accessible to everyone while also having fans of the Franchise enjoying all the moments and easter eggs thrown in as well as capturing the more bizarre, off-kilter aspects of the franchise that made it famous alongside the awesome fight mechanics.  This may have come out long, but I feel I had to explain a few things beforehand.

3.         The Incredibles
This is high up not because it completely fits, but because we need a theme park ride based on this awesome movie.  And there was a scene where a hero tried to save elevator passengers, even if his cape got snagged.  So yeah, this will be very brief as I’d think that the combination of classic superhero iconography and spy film details would lend to an interesting take on the elevator drop ride.  Here, you can have a villain causing the elevators to malfunction or act weird, and it’s up to the Parr family, Bob (Mr. Incredible), Helen (Elastigirl), Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack to save the day (with assistance from Frozone).  For the drop profiles, you can have it be the heroes trying to lift the elevator car you’re in to safety while the antagonist keeps getting in the way and pushing it downward.  And for the climax, you can have Mr. Incredible trying to hold the elevator as it goes down the final time, and drop it down nicely after the elevator system goes out.  And overall, I could easily see this as an amazing ride overall.

2.         Gargoyles
This is not just one of my best ideas for the re-theme, this is the best idea in general for a re-theme.  Think about it.  You have sentinent gargoyles from medieval times (Scotland in particular) living in the modern world, a great cast of characters, some excellent villains including David Xanatos, who brought our heroes to modern times, and Demona, Goliath’s former wife, and a great world to take ideas from.  And while my idea for a Gargoyles-themed thrill ride will always be a roller coaster of some kind, with the movements going through New York like one of the main characters, I could easily see a Gargoyles-themed redo of this classic ride.  Here’s how I’d do it:

Here, Xanatos is taking you on a tour of his newest acquisition, a mysterious hotel in Hollywood that’s home to various mystical artifacts.  It isn’t until you meet with Goliath and Elisa Maza that you realize that these artifacts are dormant gargoyles from across the world, and Xanatos, in an effort to combat various supernatural forces, managed to reawaken the ones that are evil.  And due to their abilities to stay in the darkened hotel, the other good gargoyles, including Hudson, Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, Bronx, and Angela, help Goliath, and later Xanatos, in making sure that the new threats don’t make it out at night, possibly killing a majority of the Hollywood population if they break out.  And while traveling in elevators to where they are placed, a warlock with connections to this threat enchants the elevator cars, making it capable of going horizontal, then taking it to the longest shaft in the tower, where he/she uses his/her magic to cause the elevator to undergo the pre-programmed drop profiles, including a possibly lethal drop from the highest section (where the top doors are on the outside) to the bottom, but he’s/she’s defeated by Goliath, Elisa, Xanatos, and the others while the enemy gargoyles are destroyed, with riders leaving alive and the rest of the cast wondering if their decisions were ultimately right in the long run.  Overall, expect on hell of a ride if this is the chosen theme, and my idea is implemented.

And here are the honorable mentions, due to them being even more ridiculous than what I consider a good idea:

HM1:   Black Butler
The manga has several aspects that could fit for the ride, but I don’t see Sebastian and Ciel traveling to 30s Hollywood.  However, that doesn’t mean that a similar demon butler, or someone like Grell could play a major role in the attraction.

HM2:   Guilty Gear
Some of the ideas I have for BlazBlue would work here, but Sol is the focus for this one.  That and it involves interacting and fighting That Man.

HM3:   Milo Murphy’s Law
We need a thrilling ride with Weird Al in the voice cast.  We just need one.  And the show’s concept of focusing on a descendent of the man behind Murphy’s Law could work for this kind of ride.

HM4:   Mortal Kombat
This is not meant to be seriously, this is meant to allow for interesting ideas.  Specifically that the Special Defense Forces (including Sonja and Jax), the Shaolin Monks (Liu Kang and Kung Lao here), the good sections of the Lin Kuei (Sub-Zero is here), and the Shirai Ryu (Scorpion is a must) uniting to defeat the forces of Outworld (with Shang Tsung, Shao Khan, Quan Chi, and Shinnok taking the villain role here) within the building the ride is set in.  However, it may not work as you’re ultimately watching the fight go on as the elevator goes out of control, and Disney would most-likely censor the gore.

HM5:   Up
While seeing a ride based on the adventures of Carl and Russell would be fun, one involving a haunted hotel isn’t it.  It would be fun, but it feels out of place in that universe, and that movie had dogs that can talk.

HM6:   Zootopia
With this film’s massive success, Disney might consider this.  However, there wasn’t a moment where they established or mentioned animals actually dying off, and no mention of ghosts either, so this doesn’t exactly work.

1.         Young Frankenstein (or something that’s a tribute to Mel Brooks with Young Frankenstein as the base)
Let me explain.  The reason for this is entirely based on the history of the ride itself.  When Disney, and the Imagineers in particular, was brainstorming for ideas for an E-ticket ride for the park, they thought of a drop ride with a runaway elevator in a haunted hotel as the first thing.  But due to the park’s concept of showcasing the past, present, and future of showbiz and Hollywood glamour, they were searching for properties to license for this ride.  Ultimately, one idea they had was to have Mel Brooks narrate over the attraction and be more of a farce (or humorously scary experience).  The link to that story is here:  However, that idea did not pan out and the Imagineers, probably due to them being a group of massive nerds, decided to go with a theme based on The Twilight Zone.  With this in mind, as well as several other famous horror franchises out there, you can tell that Disney was going for something big with this experience.

And this is why if Disney needed to change the theme from the Twilight Zone when CBS/Viacom tells the Mouse to, well, let it go, they should go for the Mel Brooks comedy horror classic.  Let me explain further.  It’s not just a continuation of an old concept that the Imagineers had, which is how some rides actually get built, but it’s a way to bring classic Hollywood monsters to the Orlando theme parks in ride/attraction form after the recent decision by Universal to replace Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Wolfman’s big attraction that isn’t educational with something featuring Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs (and they axed an attraction with Christopher Walken as well).  In short, to remedy for replacing the Universal Monsters with an experience with fast cars, Disney not just brings that concept, atmosphere, and aesthetic back, but spoofs it.  Yes, having it be based around Young Frankenstein would be the most logical, but think about the plot of the movie and how the Frankenstein sequels went.  Usually, they’d involve the later struggles of the Creature, or they’d have him interact with other famous monsters like Dracula, The Wolfman, and The Mummy.  Now think this: did you ever realize that there’s a set of villains that the parody of The Creature (played by Peter Boyle in the original movie) could interact with and lead to great humor?  You have Disney’s lineup of villains, and you can have the ride’s story be that a mysterious client wants Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (who would be brought to life with talented physical and voice doubles for the late Gene Wilder) to repeat his success with the previous creation of his (and his reluctance to due to getting the Creature’s, well, manly aspects) or have the Creature himself do so.  However, during the process, a haunted hotel the guests are hanging in is haunted by mysterious ghosts of various villains from Hedy Lamarr…
“That's Hedley.”
…and Emperor Nero, Vindictus, and Count Da Money…
“De Monet”
…to even the Sheriff of Rottingham and Dracula (based on the version played by the late Leslie Nielsen for tone purposes) with the defeated Disney Villains (which include for this ride The Queen, Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Gaston, Jafar (in genie form), Scar, Frollo, Hades, Ysma, Facilier, Gothel, and Hans) plotting their revenge on, well, anybody with a good heart.  Including the Doctor and his creation.  As a result, they take over, haunt the elevators, argue over who gets control over it, causing the drop profiles the ride goes through.  That and the creation of a new creature that may or may not be something in the realm of fantasy brought to life with science (as Dr. Frankenstein’s old fiancé, Elizabeth, is doing her hair like the Bride of Frankenstein here) that’s interfering with the electricity in the elevator shafts.  The end would be their defeat by, since this is a scary comedy story, Maui (played by Dwayne Johnson) and the creation of something with its form being ambiguous enough that you ultimately don’t care if it lives since the rest of the villainy plaguing your trip got their collective rear ends kicked.  And that’s how the ride ends, including your trip to the gift shop.  And that’s how I’d bring Young Frankenstein to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, with a goofy plot and making fun of Avengers-style crossover films and serving as a farcical take on Fantasmic! for those who don’t get the opportunity to see it (or even check out Club Villain).  And it would still be a thrilling ride, as your fates are ultimately in the hands of evil, with their combined quirks leading to a lot of bad decision making.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t include the Spaceballs in the villains area, the ride would explain in the queue that they were too similar to the Galactic Empire for the Villains’ taste, and that having a lesser version of them would be a waste.  That would lead to a moment where Dark Helmet breaks the fourth wall and enters the ride’s story, complaining about how he gets no respect from them, leading to Darth Vader suddenly appearing and force-choking his satirical counterpart while making a dad joke (much to the chagrin of the older men with interest in younger woman in the villain lineup) before departing.  So yeah, this will be focused on the characters that come from Disney while also coming from movies that Mel Brooks made that were spoofs of things he genuinely liked (and fit the setting).  And the ride would be better for it.

So that was my countdown for the re-theme ideas for Florida’s version of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the worst-case scenario.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.  If you feel like this is sacrilege, or if you have ideas of your own, feel free to leave your opinions in the comments below.  Also, what are your thoughts on the Guardians of the Galaxy ride coming to Disney California Adventure if you have any?

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